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The focus of Cake Addictions is to provide a cake that will help make the important moments of your life even more special; whether it be a wedding, bridal shower, birthday, etc. Our intention is to not only leave a great impression but on top of that provide incredibly tasty cakes. We offer hundreds of different combinations between your choices of cake flavor and caking filling. As for design, any cake you could dream up will do! Regardless of how specific you are with your design, I will create a unique specialty cake that will surely be memorable.

Want to use a family recipe but don't want to give it out? Bake the cake and I will decorate it for you!

I am food safety and food allergy certified. I also am licensed by Board of Health.

Why us?

We will do all we can to accommodate for your wants/needs. And you can have confidence that the end product will meet your expectations.

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